Specializing in on and off-shore inspections for the oil & gas industry

VDOS Global is the leader for unmanned  inspection services and is approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in all 50 states.  Our aircraft can be hired today!  Contact us to get a quote.

Inspection Services

VDOS Global uses the latest unmanned aerial system technology inspection services that are safe, efficient and effective for the oil and gas industry. Our at-height inspection services for flare stacks and production platforms enhance and improve incident response times, protect the environment and help avoid costly closures.

Our services are customized depending on the needs of our clients and can include:

  • Environmental compliance monitoring
  • Oil leak detection
  • Emergency response
  • Oil spill prevention
  • Flare tip inspection
  • Under-platform inspection
  • Post-storm surveys
  • Hazardous area inspection
  • Emergency inspections
Aerial Photo Survey Services

Providing customized data products to fit your needs, including the following:


  • Terrain imaging
  • Landslide detection
  • Emergency response
  • Land use management
  • Forest classification and inventorying
  • Wildlife monitoring and management
UAV Operations Support

End-to-end staffing support for your UAV enabled operation, including:

  • Training and operations
  • Logistics and customer support
  • Test range management
  • Airspace certification

UAS Flight Testing and Consulting

VDOS Global offers a deep background in UAS flight testing and program development.

Our unique offering includes

  • FAA approved test range access
  • Controlled access to 1,000 square mile land base range with surface to 18,000 MSL
  • Topography from 1,000 to 10,500 feet containing high desert, forest
  • 440,000 ac. of actively managed forest with prescribed burns, biomass and LIDAR
  • First Responders, Search & Rescue and Wildland Fire Fighting

Flight Testing

Firefighting UAS Integration and Testing

Emergency Operations

Payload Testing