VDOS Global understands the complicated regulatory environment surrounding the UAV industry

We provide services that are safe and fully compliant with all aviation standards and regulations.

Section 333 Waiver

VDOS Global has an approved Section 333 waiver for our energy producing clients that will authorize commercial UAS operations.  In addition to our unmanned aircraft system (UAS) expertise, our unique legal authority to use them for commercial operations means we can provide safe and fully compliant services to our clients.

VDOS Global is the only company in the United States to have received such approvals for on and off shore operations.

Section 333 Exemption

A Section 333 Exemption is a case by case approval in which UAS operations are authorized for specific geographic areas. VDOS Global has received an approved Section 333 for operations through out the United States and the Gulf of Mexico for on and off shore operations.

Airworthiness Certification

An Experimental Airworthiness Certification authorizes  crew training, research and development, and market surveys for systems with such certifications.  VDOS is currently supporting our clients with expertise and operational support in obtaining such certifications.