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VDOS Provides manned and unmanned operations.

VDOS technology is based upon mission requirements.

Our product is actionable data.

We are aviation experts.

Safety is our highest priority.

VDOS Global clients demand operational professionalism.

Pioneering Remote Sensing

The VDOS team are industry leaders in the commercial application and operation of unmanned systems.  For the past three years VDOS has been proving that commercial operations with remote sensors in hostile environments can be done safely and effectively.  The VDOS team have been using unmanned systems from the Arctic to the Middle East focused on providing the safest and most cost effective technology available.

The goal of the VDOS team is to bring new technology and systems and to apply their application in a cost effective comprehensive manner solely focused on their commercial application.  Our mission it to provide safe and efficient operational support where the end product is delivered without regard to the method or platform that generated it.  This focus on the product delivery is what allows VDOS to serve our clients focused on their needs not the platform that provides it.  VDOS has strategic relationships with suppliers of systems and technology and is constantly in search of new capabilities that can enhance capabilities and strategic market position.

The VDOS leadership are global leaders in the areas of aviation, environmental science, humanitarian operations, unmanned systems, and sensor technology.  The company is led by Brian Whiteside.  Brian is the Founder and CEO of VDOS.  Prior to establishing the company he served as the Executive Vice President of Evergreen Unmanned Systems which pioneered the industry as the first commercial UAS service provider.  Brian has been leading the commercial application of unmanned technology through world wide operations and deployments.  Brian also served as the UAS lead for Pacific Endeavor bringing unmanned systems to Humanitarian Applications and Disaster Response for the Pacific Rim.  Brian’s unmanned systems career began at the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake where he stood up the Naval Unmanned Systems Integration Activity as the director of operations.  During his tenure he successfully established the program and operating procedures for flying multiple classes of UAVs in joint use airspace.  Brian is a Navy veteran and former FA-18 pilot.Our team comprises a unique mix of talent and operational history represented by industry pioneers and corporate wisdom.

Safety is our number one priority and we expect our team to:

  • Comply with the law, standards and procedures

  • Intervene and use their stop work authority

  • Work as a team to achieve common goals

The Most Advanced Common Operating Picture Yet

SEED in collaboration with Esri is a common operating picture that is capable of real time analysis and sensor data geo-rectification that can pull in real time streams of information turning it into specific data targets pushed to your phone or other web accessible device.  Our software is capable of tracking aircraft, UAVs, vessels, and incorporate real time feeds from such disparate data as social media to acoustic sensors.  It uses a cloud based architecture to distribute data to web enable platforms.  It can incorporate real time location data, sensor imagery, social media providing analytics on historic information.

  • Data Fusion and Indexing. Data is auto-indexed and archived. Geospatial metadata is plotted on map interfaces
  • Common Operating Picture. Able to track ships, aircraft, personnel, and share in one common real time database.
  • Nontraditional sources. Information from sources such as social media, twitter are tracked to the location of the feed and person posting.
  • Rapidly searchable data from live captures back with simple click and drag time sliders. Data is also searchable by key word, and location
  • Analytics are simple to create and powerfully fast to generate.
  • SEED powerfully automates metadata generation such as animal counts and mission details. Timely and costly post processing is completed the moment it’s captured.

VDOS Global is a member of the University of Alaska led Pan Pacific UAS Test Range which is one of the selected FAA UAS test sites.  Additionally VDOS manages the Warm Springs UAS Test site located in central Oregon with over 1,000 sq miles of operating space from the surface to 18,000 MSL.  For more information go to www.wsuas.com.

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